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We launched a gold nuggets ebay business in March 2004 and have hundreds of delighted customers. We worked hard to have the best, highest grade gold that was hand cleaned, and we always sold it at a minimal profit margin. We have one of the most extensive collections of gold nuggets for sale on the internet. Using our contacts in Africa, we can obtain nuggets ranging from minuscule fines to ounce nuggets straight from miners in Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. If you are seeking to buy gold bars and nuggets, we are confident that we will meet your expectations of quality, value, and selection. If you buy from us, you may be certain that your gold nuggets are real and not man-made imitations. Everyone of our clients issue a certificate of legitimacy from Mineral Galore, the world’s greatest firm selling real gold. We believe in the possibility of our network and society to make a difference in the precious metals business.

Our Services

High quality, one-of-a-kind bullion and nuggets.

Our nuggets and bullion are obtained all around the world, including Central Africa, East Africa, and South Africa for sale.

Global customer service.

We are always available 24/7 to communicate with you. You can contact us via Whatsapp, call our number or reach us via email in Congo, And Kenya.

Guaranteed authenticity.

All of our gold bars and nuggets for sale come with a verified certificate of origin backed by our company. We are most reliable to deliver product at your destination. We also have 30 days money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the product.

Mineral Galore Values

We love and preserve a strong set of principles that influence all we do at Core Mineral Galore.

Our mission is to serve our customers and assist them in meeting their precious metals demands.

The importance we place on honesty and fairness is reflected in our conviction in INTEGRITY. The ideals of openness and upholding our obligations are the cornerstones of how we conduct business. At Mineral Galore, greatness is not a one-time event or a one-time achievement, but rather a constant quest that leads to success. It shows our unwavering enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to provide our clients with the most pleasant experience possible.

Gold bullion for sale in our store at core mineral galore company, this is not a downloaded photo, this is available in our minerals stores for sale to consumers and anyone in need to have gold. Talk to us and know more about our products.

Copper is utilized in a broad variety of items because to its superior electrical and thermal conductivity, strength, process ability, and corrosion resistance. Because of their corrosion resistance, these metals are often used to make pipes and pipe fittings. They are easily soldered and brazed, and many of them can be welded using a variety of gas, arc, and resistance processes. They may be polished and rubbed to practically any texture and sheen required. Pure copper is soft and flexible, with a pink or peach tint on a newly exposed surface. You can order as much copper as you need with us and you will get the product at your door without embezzlement. Core mineral galore is trusted around the world.